We had a short interview with our residents, we wanted to know what their experience was staying in our luxury units and if they had any feedback for the management, to protect their privacy we changed the names of each resident and this is what they had to say:

Interviewer: Why did you book a short-let apartment?

Rhoda: I work 5 days every week in Victoria island and spend hours in traffic commuting daily from my flat in Surulere to work and with the way Lagos is set up, the traffic and work can be so daunting and in no time, it starts to take its toll on you, I felt like taking a break from my normal life. Some sort of self-care you can say, I called two of my friends and they loved the idea and we decided to spend a night in a luxury apartment. It was an opportunity for us to catch up on all the girly gist’s, pamper ourselves and just relax.

Interviewer: After spending a day here what would you say about your experience?

Rhoda: Honestly it was my first time renting a luxury short-let apartment, I tried it because of how luxurious it looked and all the hype about short-let apartments. I regret I had not done it sooner, it felt so good to be relaxing far away from home and I am looking forward to another experience in the future hopefully on a ‘Beacation’.

Interviewer: Hello Steph, you booked a day in our short-let apartment, may I know why you extended your stay after spending one day?

Steph: Honestly, I wasn’t sure of the quality of service I was going to get at the point of booking so I booked for just one day but after spending my first night I was certain I was going to like it here so I extended my stay.

Interviewer:  That’s nice, can you tell us about your experience here?

Steph: I liked it here, I’m an artist so I occasionally love to take time away and just draw, I wanted a place that is not only serene but would help induce my creative juice. I needed to be surrounded by art, quietness, and good smells. I’m glad I spent my week here and I can’t wait to have my pieces on exhibition.

Interviewer: Hello Mosh, how has your stay in our luxury unit been since you came into Nigeria?

Mosh: It’s been amazing ever since I arrived in my unit.  I’ve stayed here for a little over two months and in that time, I have met a lot of amazing people. The management has been very attentive and has gone over and beyond to ensure that I enjoyed my stay not only in the short-let but in the country. They even helped me get a tour guide who took me to see the best spots in Lagos. It’s my first time in Nigeria and as much as I came over for work, I wanted to take the time to do some exploring while I am here and I am glad I booked a luxury apartment instead of a hotel.

Interviewer: I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your stay I can tell from the smile you have on. Would you recommend our luxury unit to colleagues and friends?

Mosh: Sure thing! I enjoyed my stay and the unit itself is an experience and I will recommend it to anyone who I think would want to really experience Lagos, Nigeria.

Interviewer:  Hello Tomiwa and Francis, how did you enjoy your stay? And congratulations, I heard it was your honeymoon and you had asked the management to decorate in preparation for your arrival.

Tomiwa: It was ‘soo’ cute and I am glad we stayed over for our mini-honeymoon, we wanted to rest from all the stress we went through while preparing for our wedding then plan our holiday/honeymoon at a later date. Francis: I was impressed because I had a lot to do for the wedding and I could not come over to check if all the arrangements had been made as I had requested before we arrived, I spoke to the management and he kept me updated about the arrangements and I was happy we used the service.

Interviewer:  Do you think you’ll be visiting again in the future?

Tomiwa: Yes, of course, not only was it refreshing to have spent some days here, as a couple we have built memories here which we would love to revisit in the future. The ambiance was ‘everything’ for me. Francis: Yes, I would come back again especially when I want my wife (winks at Tomiwa) to pamper me silly.

Interviewer: Would you recommend this to your friends?

Francis: Definitely and it’s a great place to accommodate company guests and business associates who fly into town and would love to have a different experience of Lagos. I’m looking forward to recommending this place.

Interviewer: Hello Osaze, how has your experience been in our Luxury short-let apartment?

Osaze: I love my stay here; it is the ideal chill spot.

Interviewer:  How Long have you stayed here?

Osaze: I stayed for the entire weekend; my friend was getting married so I wanted a place that was just chill and very accessible so I could have a good time for the entire weekend. And I did just that, I had an amazing weekend and I’ll be leaving for work tomorrow from here.

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