Hottest places to chill when you book our short-let apartment.


We all agree that Living in Lagos can be quite chaotic like most busy cities and it would be a wonderful idea to find time to have a quick escape to relax and enjoy all the fun stuff that Lagos has to offer. So, we put together an up-to-date list of all the fun spots and amazing places to chill while you are in Lekki.


The number one spot on this list is the iconic Lekki Conservation Centre. I know you might be wondering why this place always seem to pop up and you might be wondering what the fuss is all about this place, can you imagine going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower? that’s how it is with the Lekki Conservation Centre. It boasts the longest rope bridge in all of Africa and it’s a good place to be in touch with nature and its beauty and also provides the best spots for all pictures for the gram. Are you bored and looking for a way to chill while you experience nature then The Lekki Conservation Centre is a must!


Our number two spot on the list is the Nike Centre for Art and Culture. This is not so surprising that it is making our list because the gallery has come to be a staple for every tourist. If you’re an art lover and a collector of everything art then the Nike Art Gallery is one place you must visit. The four floored building houses a collection of various artifacts and paintings serving as a museum for the arts and any collector’s delight. If by chance you want to feed your inner artist then you should consider visiting.


The Atmosphere Lekki makes the third on our list. If your standard for a chill location includes beautiful floral aesthetics to break the internet, intriguing cocktail flavors, a roof-top setting, a menu filled with amazing options in a beautiful spot in Lekki, then the atmosphere is a place to stop by. Perfect for launch, dates, sit-out with friends, and the perfect spot to chill and just have a good time.


If your intention I to do more than take pictures for the gram then you should check out the Bay lounge. This waterfront lounge is everything and more and comes very alive at night time. It’s the perfect spot to chill while listening to good songs from different timelines. Looking to have a feel of the Lagos nightlife then you need to stop by. The Bay Lounge is one of the best ways to experience the unique and fun-filled Lagos nightlife.


Tired and want to relax somewhere and chill with colleagues or friends then Xovar is your best bet. While at it you might happen to fall in love with Karaoke. With a contemporary feel of the atmosphere, Xovar is a great spot to hang out with friends with a refreshing ambiance.


And incase your definition of chill might include getting an amazing spa treatment with exotic body massages, we have included an exotic massage, facial and spa parlour on the list. The Tirta Ayu Spa is a great place to not just relax your mind and your body. A body massage always does the0 trick in helping you ease all your tensed muscles and keeps you rejuvenated.


While you are booked in our luxury short-let apartments, you’re spoilt for choice for cool and fun places to chill, not only does this ocean front luxury apartment provide the right ambiance for relaxing, it comes with access to an elite lounge, swimming pool and a standard gym without having to travel any distance. Which makes this an exotic way to chill and relax after a busy day.

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